We ship all standard products in 10 working days!




For domestic orders, A&L Shielding manufactures and ships all of its standard materials normally within 10 working days. This includes custom lead-lined doors, drywall and door frames.  We stock lead glass and build window frames to order. If drawings for approval are needed, they will also be available in the same time period.

For international orders, both air and surface shipments are available. Services include all required export documentation.

Product Warranty

  • A&L Shielding Inc. warrants that all equipment shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery, provided that reasonable care is given to storage and that installation instructions are properly followed.
  • A&L Shielding's liability under this warranty is strictly limited to furnishing at its cost, FOB Job Site, a replacement for this defective part.
  • A&L Shielding shall not be responsible for any consequential damage caused by defects of material or workmanship.


Payment Options

A&L Shielding offers a variety of payment options:

  • We accept customer purchase orders for customers with approved credit or customers who want to establish credit. Orders will not be processed until our credit manager has approved credit. You may download a credit application to complete and email to credit@alshielding.com or fax back to A&L Shielding at 1.800.329.5320.
  • We will accept pre-payment for all customers who do not wish to establish credit. We will not begin production on the materials ordered until pre-payment is arranged. Please contact our credit manager for arrangements at at 706.235.8822 ext. 11.
  • For all orders we will accept VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Orders may be prepaid by completing A&L Shielding's credit card authorization form (either download and type directly into the form or print and complete) and returning it to A&L Shielding via email or fax.
  • International orders may be paid by wire-transfer of funds at the time of order or through a Letter of Credit. If using a Letter of Credit for payment, check with our credit manager to be sure the terms of payment are acceptable before finalizing the documents.


Restrictions on Use and Disposal of Lead

Shielding lead must be protected from public contact after installation for both environmental and health reasons. Lead sheet, plate, and brick are normally installed behind other materials and away from exposure to the public. Installers should be trained in safe handling of lead and must observe proper techniques for installation and cleanup. Disposal of all scrap lead must be handled in an environmentally safe manner.


Contact us  for more information or for assistance in any aspect of installation or environmental need.