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Storage and Installation of Welded Lead Lined Hollow Metal Door Frames in Steel Studs

Detailed instructions to assist you with your storage and installation of your welded lead lined hollow metal door frames into steel studs.

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A how-to guide for installing fixed lead lined window frames

This guide specification is intended to stress the necessary precautions and requirements for receipt, storage, handling and installation of lead lined hollow metal frames

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Easy Steps to Care for Your Radiation Shielding Glass!

Radiation Shielding Glass (Lead glass used for X-Ray Shielding) tends to be more susceptible to tarnish more readily than ordinary window glass.

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Bullet Resistant Products - What level of protection do I need?

The most common level we get requests for is UL 752 Level 3, but each building owner or facility manger must determine what level they want to shield against

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Physicists’ Reports – What They Are and Why They Are Important

Typically, a physicist’s report will list the room(s) being shielded, the amount of lead required for each wall and component of each wall and the lead height requirement.

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Lead Lined Hollow Metal Frames

Many times customers have concerns about whether or not a frame needs to be lead lined on one side or completely lead lined.

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Positive Pressure Fire Labels

A&L Shielding Inc. has successfully tested and offers both Category A and Category B lined wood doors in 20 minute ratings, as well as 45 and 60 minute ratings.

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