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Door Opening Assembly


A&L Shielding custom engineers and manufactures Neutron and Gamma door assemblies for use in a variety of applications. 

Primarily these assemblies are used in cancer treatment facilities and vary in size and scope depending on different factors as determined by the projects physicist. 

Not only do we design, engineer and manufacture the assembly but we also offer installation services as well as upgrades and repairs.

Each assembly includes the frame, door, door operator, data access unit for programming, and controls.  Additional features that are available include emergency battery power systems, motion and touch sensors, partial opening programming, etc.

These doors use a combination of high density or borated polyethylene and lead in a steel shell. The door and frame assembly is designed to support the high weight resulting from the shielding materials located in the center of the door. Swinging doors include special heavy steel frames cast into concrete walls during construction.  We use custom-made, bolt on hinges that are designed with a safety rating allowing each hinge to carry the entire weight of the door.

The power operators we provide, install, and program are state of the art units with custom programming capabilities.  These operators can be configured to match specific needs of the facility in a safe and efficient manner.


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