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A&L Shielding Pairs with CMD Group!

This year A&L Shielding joined CMD Group, formerly Reed Construction Data, for access to even more projects requiring lead shielding. CMD Group also offers the opportunity for A&L Shielding to reach out to architects, developers, designers and owners in the early stages of project development to assist with their shielding questions and help with design considerations.

If your project is posted through CMD Group, and if you have questions about the lead lining details in your project documents, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be able to review the project with you and address your questions in real time. We provide material to facilities throughout the United States, so if you are not geographically close to A&L Shielding, this is not a concern. A&L Shielding also has very knowledgeable technical people on staff that can help you with any concerns you may have with respect to the installation of the product.