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Lead Lined Hollow Metal Frames

Many times customers have concerns about whether or not a frame needs to be lead lined on one side or completely lead lined.

Door frames are normally lead lined on the door side of the jamb if the lead in the wall is on the same side of the partition (refer to our Type 1 detail). But if the lead door and the lead in the walls are on opposite sides, then the entire frame needs to be lead lined (refer to our Type 2 detail). This eliminates any risk of a radiation leakage at the stop of the frame if the radiation is emitted from the machine at a direct angle to the door frame.

These frames are normally welded and A&L Shielding recommends using welded frames when possible. However, there are instances such as with existing construction where installing welded frames is not feasible. For those occasions, the door frames can be supplied as knock down if the lead thickness is less than or equal to 1/8”.


Window Frames normally have lead on the radiation source side of the partition see below. They are typically fixed welded units, but they can be supplied as a two-piece slip type if the wall must be framed prior to the window frame’s arrival on site or if they are to be installed into an existing partition.



Lead Lined Frames can have many of the same anchors as non lead lined frames. See below for some typical anchors for our lead lined frames.

Note: Lead is not shown for clarity.



The lead thickness required for frames must meet or exceed the shielding requirements as defined by the project physicist. We offer lead thicknesses starting at 1/32” up to 1/2”. Our standard frames are primed 16 gage cold rolled steel.  Heavier lead applications (for 1/4" lead and greater) may require 14 or 12 gage steel.

Please contact us should you have any further questions regarding the lead lining of our frames.